Our Work

We Focus Childrens brain development with Abacus and Vedic Maths

Mid Brain

Mid Brain is a sensory enhancement program. Mid Brain helps person to remember thinks better, blits self confidence, increase creativity. Its results a person have stronger concentration power and better empathy.

Abacus |Age : 6-12|

This is for the children above the age of 6. Abacus helps the child in integrating the function of left and right brain at the right intervals of time. It has 8 levels. Age group : 6-12 yrs. Duration of the course- 3 months each level 2 hours (once a week).

Magic Maths |Age : 7-12|

Is a speed maths of ancient India based on sutras just to increase the level of speed and accuracy in your calculation, especially to remove numeric phobia. A system which is more simple and enjoyable than modern mathematics.

Psychology |Age : 5-18|

It includes 5-18un based abacus program for children of the age group 6-7 years as it helps to develop their fresh memory skills Age Group - 6-7 yrs. Duration of the course- 7 Months (twice a week 1 1/2 hour)

Buds & bunnies | Age : 1.5-2.5|

This is for the naughty toddlers. Our aim is to nurture and guide children to enable them to take the path of value & educate them to become successful human being in the future.

Outdoor Activities

The physical activities are decreasing in this computer age. We at bunny india see that both mental & physical activities are given equal weight age the child here learns to interact with nature.

Photo Gallery

We capture some Special Moments of childrens in various festival

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